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Event Boards

Now offering the ultimate grazing experience! Filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, and other delicious fixings, these Event Boards can be customized to your liking!


The most popular of our grazing boxes. Filled with gourmet cheese, cured meats, homemade dips, honey, crudités, crackers, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and olives. It’s the perfect choice for any occasion!

Better with Butter Board

They say the “Butter Board” is the new charcuterie board. We say, it’s not fair to choose. Introducing the new Better with Butter Board. Where the best of two worlds collide!

Vatican City

Small and delicious! These mini charcuterie cones, globes and cubes are the perfect single serving option for any corporate event, baby or bridal shower, open house, and more.

Rendez-Vous In Bordeaux

Sweet and Savoury make the perfect match! The Rendez-Vous In Bordeaux is guaranteed to make your next date night extra special.

Solo City

 Meet The Solo City, perfect for ONE! These individual sized boxes are ideal for any corporate meeting, small gathering, virtual event or just YOU!


The Phoenicia box is the perfect way to personalize any occasion. Each letter or number can be filled with delicious charcuterie and sweet goodies. All letters from A-Z and numbers from 0-9 are available in two sizes.

The Malibu Box


Want to skip the meat? We’ve got you covered. The vegetarian Malibu box has vegetarian pastries, hummus, peanut butter, edamame, guacamole, crackers, cheese, pita, crudités, fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts.

Waffle Sticks

Introducing our mouth-watering waffle sticks, the perfect addition to any special occasion!

The Brighton Box


Brunch anytime of the day! The Brighton Box includes an assortment of breakfast pastries, cured meats, fresh fruit, cheese, honey, jam, dried fruit and nuts.

Brownies & Berries

Indulge in pure chocolate bliss with our new creation – a luscious box of decadent, fudgy brownies adorned with a medley of fresh, seasonal berries and the delightful dry fruit.

The Porto Box


The perfect after dinner treat. The Porto box is presented with decadent chocolate truffles, fruit and nut chocolate bark, aged cheese, crackers, fresh berries, dried fruit and nuts. Pair this box with your favourite sweet wine for an unforgettable grazing experience.

Baby Bear

Reveal your baby’s gender in a smashing way! We will fill this Baby Bear up with either pink or blue candy for your special occasion.